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I've been lucky enough to be featured in some great publications.

Smashing Book 2, Web Designer Magazine and a bunch of websites including: Six Revisions, Awwwards, Web Design Ledger, News.com.au, Line 25, Noupe, Vandelay Design and Onextrapixel to name a few.

featured in books, magazines and websites

Smashing Book 2

"When it comes to contrast in minimalist web design, one good example is the portfolio website of Adham Dannaway. On this single page, we have all kinds of contrast happening simultaneously."

- Matt Ward & Alexander Charchar

featured in Smashing Book 2

Web Designer Magazine

"Adham has a distinctive design style with a focus on simplicity. His portfolio website has a unique look and feel which incorporates his personality and skills. With so many web designers out there, Adham believes that it's not enough to follow the latest trends, you need to create your own."

- Web Designer Magazine

featured in Web Designer Magazine

UI designers have Australia's most misunderstood job

"Adham Dannaway has Australia’s most misunderstood job - but you’d notice if he stopped doing it. According to LinkedIn, the user interface (UI) designer’s job title is the most bamboozling of them all. Even Dannaway’s family don’t really understand what he does all day."

- Dana McCauley (news.com.au)

Australia's most misunderstood job