Campaign Monitor

Reseller earnings dashboard user interface design.

This is just a concept I designed for the Campaign Monitor reseller dashboard which allows resellers to see an overview of their earnings and activity. I’ve added a bit of my own flavour to the look and feel to make the UI elements a bit richer. I’ve also increased the font size to improve readability and added white space to help the page breathe a bit better.

My role: UI Design, Front-end Development

web design
wire frame

Initial Wire-frame concept only

I wanted to design a dashboard that made it simple for re-sellers to see a quick overview of their earnings while also making the interface powerful enough to cater to those wanting to dig a little deeper.

date picker

Date Picker concept only

I wanted to create a simple yet powerful mechanism for selecting dates. Upon clicking the date range field, the casual user is presented with a simple drop down menu filled with a few quick links. Advanced users can click the “custom range” link to slide out the calendar where they can manually select their date range. The extra functionality is hidden from casual users so we don’t clutter the interface.

dashboard user interface
dashboard user interface with hovers

UI Design concept only

The final interface design shows an earnings snapshot at the top of the page to give resellers a quick summary of their earnings. A line chart displays earnings over time and a custom date range can be selected using the date picker functionality. The transaction table simply lists all transactions that took place during the selected time period.