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Subscriber notification email design and development.

The goal of subscriber notification emails was to keep customers up to date with their new subscriber activity and ideally, help measure the growth of their lists. As well as giving them statistics, we saw an opportunity to give users a way to get to know the people subscribing to their lists, turning faceless email addresses into real people.

My role: Email Design, Email Development, Front-end Development, Product Design, UI Design

subscriber notification email
subscriber notification user interface

Subscriber notification user interface

We decided to provide two emails that users could opt in to receive, instant and summary notifications. Instant notifications were generated every time a person subscribes, for those keen users with less subscriber activity. Summary notifications are sent daily, weekly or monthly depending on the user’s preferences for those interested in a higher level breakdown of their subscriber activity.

summary subscriber notification email

Summary subscriber notification email

Subscriber data isn’t always available for every person who signs up to a list so we had to take a modular approach. Our email design would basically need to dynamically transform according to the data available, while looking great and making sense in all cases. As a result, we designed an email layout that featured blocks that basically stacked on top of one another. Each block was designed so that it could be slotted into place if there was data for it. If a particular block didn’t have data, it was simply left out.

instant subscriber notification email

Instant subscriber notification email

Similarly, we decided that the email we sent immediately after a new signup would have a dynamically-changing design, depending on the data collected for a subscriber. We wanted this email to give users a snapshot of who the subscriber is and where they’re from. The subscribers name acts as a header next to a large avatar image to personalize the email, while the location map is split into two to show the location from different zoom levels and add visual interest.