HRHR brand & website design

HRHR June 2012

HRHR is an Australian boutique consulting firm that helps organisations attract, retain and manage talented people. My mission was to design them a new brand and website.

web design
logo sketch
logo dark
logo light

Designing the brand

After talking to the client and considering the target market, it was clear to me that we needed to create a very traditional, high-end brand aesthetic. I experimented with rectangular shapes and sharp straight lines for the logo symbol (above left), but in the end we decided to go with a purely typographical logo design (above right). The simple navy blue colour scheme conveys strength and trust.

mood board
business card

I kept the business card (above right) quite traditional and corporate and it was printed on heavy matte stock to give it a quality feel. I worked together with the client to source images that were bright and mainly blue in colour, sticking with abstract objects and outdoors photos rather than people.

wireframe sketch

Website design

I worked with the client to figure out the website structure and content. The sitemap (above left) was purposely kept small and shallow to ensure that the website could be quickly and easily navigated. I sketched out some initial concepts and wireframes (above right) and discussed them with the client to ensure that we were both on the same page.

The main aim was to create a brochure website that showcased the service offering of the company. Once the client was happy with the initial direction, I moved into Photoshop to put some concepts together based on the brand and initial sketches. The homepage below is centred around an image slider with the main website sections positioned underneath. The content page below that has a similar layout with a strong focus on the content.

homepage design
content page design

Mission accomplished

Some design challenges are harder than others, but when you have a great client to work with, it makes it that much easier to achieve your objective. I had a great time working with this client and I’m glad that I could help them create a brand and website that met their company needs.